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The Community of Asirvanam is a community of Benedictine monks striving to live a simple and genuine and full monastic life according to the Rule of St. Benedict . As members of The Benedictine Congregation of the Annunciation, we seek to remain faithful to our authentic tradition continually revitalized by the Holy Spirit. We are committed to honor and glorify God through the harmonious balance of prayer, study, work and hospitality. We recognize our affinity with all who follow the monastic way of life, especially those who are part of the Benedictine tradition. Called together by God to a community of fraternal love, we believe our life itself to be apostolic and in the context of the church and the world community, we seek to serve all God’s people. United in faith, we celebrate God’s kingdom through prayer, life in common and work.

“Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ. And may he bring us all together to everlasting life.”

Rule of Benedict, ch. 72.